Fort Worth Star-Telegram 1, Grapevine City Council 0

According to an article this week in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, a local judge ruled in favor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram who claimed that the Grapevine City Council violated the Texas Open Meeting Act at a council meeting earlier this year.  The disagreement came when the Grapevine Council met to discuss hiring a lobbyist that would work on Grapevine’s behalf in Austin.  The Star-Telegram claimed that since the lobbyist was not an employee of the City of Grapevine, the discussion should have been held in open council meetings instead of behind closed doors.

District Judge Donald Cosby ruled that the meeting should have been held in open session since the lobbyist was not an employee of the city at the time of the meetings.  To us this seems like much ado about nothing, but we will have to check with our friends who understand the law better to be certain.

The news editor at the Star-Telegram, Jim Witt, said the closed door meeting set a “bad precedent” and that was the reason for the law suit.