We realize that times are tough, but this weeks article in the Grapevine Courier on the possible need to limit garage sales to four per year opened our eyes a little.  Are people really stretched that thin where they are forced to having many multiples of garage sales to bring home a little extra cash?  Or are people running garage sales every week as a way to run a home based business?

Four garage sale per year does seem reasonable.  Unless you are buying old junk to resale later, you can not possible need more than four garage sale per year.  Heck, one per year is probably plenty.

It sounds like common sense to put this type of policy in place, but how do you enforce it?  Are you going to have people register with the city when they run a garage sale?  Wow, that sounds like a record keeping and enforcement nightmare.  Maybe the City of Grapevine has existing capacity to enforce this type of regulation.

And if some citizens are up in arms about the number of garage sales in their neighborhood, maybe this is the only way to curtail it.

No doubt there is more to come on this story.