We told you last week why the Pay As You Throw Trash system will never work.  Yet, there are more letters to the editor in the Grapevine Courier supporting this system.  Here are a few more thoughts.

Marketing Gimmick

Let’s be clear, Pay As You Throw is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.  That phrase does not even do a remedial job of describing the system.  Pay As You Throw would imply that if you leave town on vacation for a month and throw nothing away, you would end up paying nothing for that month.  That would be a true Pay As You Throw system.  We all know that is not the case here.

Three-Tiered Pricing System

Pay As You Throw should really be renamed Three-Tiered Pricing System which more accurately describes the payment for the service.  It also involves paying more for less service.  Does this sound like a good idea to anyone?

So the creative marketing team behind the push for this more expensive trash service came up with the idea to call it Pay As You Throw.  After all, Pay As You Throw sounds a lot better than Three-Tiered Pricing System (that is a lot more expensive).

“Just Like Our Water Billing System”

We keep reading this point.  Okay.  Just stop.  No one has a water bill that is set by three different arbitrary prices.  Your water bill is based on how much water passes through your water meter.  The two are not alike.

What To Do With Lawn and Leaves

We are picturing late November around our neighborhood.  Fortunately, our neighborhood has a large number of trees.  Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of garbage bags full of leaves in the fall.

What do we do then?  We could not use the trash service any more because we would be limited on how much we can throw away.  So with this new system, we would be paying more so that we can drive our leaves and other lawn clippings to one of the area dumps.  Doesn’t this sound like fun?  We get to pay more and make semi-annual trips to area dumps.

For the people that send in the letters supporting this expensive Three-Tiered Pricing System, please tell us where you live.  We’d like to hear more about this land of milk and honey that is free from tree leaves and lawn clippings.


Our question to all involved in supporting this Three-Tiered Pricing System is why is it so much more expensive than the plan we have now?  What is behind the rather hefty price increase?  And why is the plan so complicated?

Ideas For Change

1.  Leave the marketing gimmicks at home.  Tell us the real plan.  Stop saying it is “just like your water bill” when it is not remotely like anyones water bill in the real world.  If you are trying to push through an expensive trash system for the purposes of improving recycling and lowering waste, say that.

2.  Make the plan cheaper.  It should not be that big of a price increase to go to a more recycling friendly system.

3.  Make the plan simpler.  Hiding the real costs behind some complex pricing system will not work.

Start with those three things and maybe we can head down the road of improving recycling in our city.