We have been fortunate this year to dine at some really great places.  And we are not only talking about in Grapevine and Colleyville, but throughout Dallas and Fort Worth.

We are not quite half way through the year and our visit to JR’s Steakhouse ranks as the best place that we’ve been this year.  Our expectations are always high when we go to a steakhouse.  We expect perfection or very close to it.  At JR’s Steakhouse everything from the sourdough bread at the start and all the way through the creme brulee at the end was perfect.

The Experience

Even outside of the food, we love it when a restaurant has a unique vibe.  JR’s definitely has this.  When you go there it does not feel like any other place you’ve been.  It is just a wonderful, unique experience.  It is a little hard to explain the feeling that you are not at some cookie cutter steakhouse, you are at JR’s.  It feels different and we love that. 

There are two separate areas of the restaurant.  First is the main dining area that is wide open with plenty of tables and a few booths along the wall.  The main dining area is a little bit loud.  Everyone is talking and having a good time.  Then there is a separate dimly lit room with a huge bar, televisions, and a live piano player.

What We Ordered

We mentioned it earlier, but the sourdough bread that you start with is fantastic.  From there we ordered the JR’s Salad and the Chopped Salad.  Both were as fresh, light, and crisp as you would find anywhere.

The main courses were next and they were exceptional.  We ordered the Mushroom Filet for one meal and the Bacon Wrapped Petite Filets for the other.   Everything from how they were prepared, to the taste, to the sauces blew us away.  Both meals came with smashed potatoes.  As a side we ordered the Macaroni and Cheese as it came highly recommended.

We closed it out with the Creme Brulee.  It did not let us down either.

We Were Very Impressed

Everything was so impressive.  JR’s makes you feel like each part of the meal is specially made for you.

We really can not say enough about how enjoyable the entire experience was at JR’s Steakhouse.  If you get the chance, you should definitely stop in and enjoy.

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