If you enjoy Texas country music, three of the best performed on Thursday night at the glass cactus.  Just after the sun went down, Charlie Robison, Chris Knight, and Cody Canada came on stage to play an acoustic set.  This would be the last set of their month long acoustic tour.  And they did not disappoint.

All three put on great performances, but having not seen Chris Knight live before his songs were the most appealing to us.  He has

Chris Knight

 such a raw, unfiltered sound that translates so well to an acoustic performance.  He really stole the show for us.  That is not to take anything away from Charlie Robison and Cody Canada who both had amazing performances as well.  There were a couple of times when Charlie Robison would even say, “I hate following Chris Knight in these things.”

Charlie Robison kicked off the show and got everyone fired up with We’re Gonna Have A Good Time.  He went on to play a lot of his great songs including New Years Day and closed the show out with an audience sing-a-long to My Hometown.

The highlight of the night for us came early on as Chris Knight played Rural Route.  He has so many great songs, but we are probably one of the few that like that one the best.  He went on to play the more popular It Ain’t Easy Being Me and Enough Rope later in the show.

 This acoustic show took us back almost a decade when Cross Canadian Ragweed would play places like Poor David’s Pub in Dallas or Jitterbug’s in Nacogdoches.  In a smaller setting you feel like you are so close to the music that you can touch it.   Cody Canada

Charlie Robison, Cody Canada, Chris Knight

announced that his band is taking a break for a while “to be Daddy’s” and he would be doing more of these acoustic type shows (hopefully with Mr. Knight and Mr. Robison).

In all, it was a wonderful night to be at the Glass Cactus enjoying the scenery on the patio and taking in one of the best live music shows we have seen in quite some time.

All photos courtesy of Wild Wind Photography.