At the strong recommendation of some good friends, we visited Amore’s Pizza & Pasta off of Northwest Highway on Saturday night.  And we noticed something a bit odd.  Given the huge variety of Italian specialties on their menu, most of the patrons were eating pizza.

Here’s the problem:  Last weeek we claimed that Italian Xpress in Grapevine serves up the best pizza in town.  You would think that we would order the pizza to compare.

Okay, so we did not order the pizza.  Maybe it was a little out of fear.  Or maybe it was because Amore’s Pizza & Pasta carries what might possibly be our favorite dish of all time:  Shrimp Tortellini.  How could we pass that up?   And it did not disappoint. Now we are stuck because they are supposed to have great pizza as well and we did not get to sample any.

Amore’s is the type of place we love.  They are family owned and operated.  They do not just serve food.  They live for their food.

Here are a few other things you need to know before visiting:

  • The atmosphere is great.  Nice, quiet, and somewhat dimly lit.  Just like you’d expect. 
  • The service is exceptional. 
  • The meals are very affordable.  In fact, we thought we had the lunch menu at first.  We didn’t.  It is just very reasonably priced especially for the quality of food you get.
  • It is BYOB.  Pick up a bottle of wine on your way in or bring one from home.  This helps make it even more affordable.
  • The Veal Parmesan is also a highly recommended meal.

We can not wait to go back.  We have to get back there to try the pizza.  There is a chance that it could rival Italian Xpress.  We’ll find out soon!

Amore’s Pizza & Pasta is located at:

1605 West Northwest Highway
Grapevine, TX 76051-3178
(817) 488-3400

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