April 23rd, 1985, somewhere in one of America’s most popular product and brand name company somebody decided it was a good idea to change the winning formula and create New Coke.  After a massive public outcry, Coca-Cola Classic was brought back some three months later much to delight of the American public.  Less than 10 years later, New Coke was no where to be found on the store shelves and fast food restaurants across this great land.

Okay, now some 25 years later the great brand name of Main Street Days has been changed to Main Street Outdoor Adventure.  Maybe it’s a stretch to compare the two, but we can’t help but ask:  Is this New Coke all over again?

Let’s see, you have a winning formula.  You have a well known brand name.  You have one of the greatest festivals of the year.  Why change the name?

You know, some people claim that after Coca-cola brought back Coca-Cola Classic some three months after their horrific decision to get rid of it and sales went through the roof that it was actually marketing genius in disguise.

Maybe that is the plan of the good people of the City of Grapevine.  They are introducing this overly confusing and much too long name of Main Street Outdoor Adventure (and festival?) this year only to bring back the traditional, well known, classic name of Main Street Days next year.

Marketing genius in disguise.  WE NOW GET IT.  And WE LOVE THE IDEA!

We can not wait for Main Street Days (Classic) 2011!

Okay, we’ve made our point.  What do you think of the new name, Main Steet Outdoor Adventure festival?  Feel free to comment below.