Maybe I should start writing stuff down, but weren’t we told a year or more ago that the natural gas drilling sites would be safe distances from neighborhoods and schools?  Wasn’t the intent to drill in non-populated areas and on DFW airport property where there would be minimal impact on area residents?

Drilling has already occurred on a site near Grapevine Mills Mall which is one of the most heavily trafficked areas in Grapevine.  Now, we are hearing another site is being discussed along Texas 26 less than 1,000 feet from Grapevine High School.  Is this what we were sold a year or so ago?

What is going to happen next?  Maybe there will be a drill site along Main Street.  That way, we can all enjoy the spectacular sites and sounds of drilling as we enjoy Main Street Days this year.

Maybe they can put a site up on the 9th green at the Grapevine Golf Course.  We can put a clown face on the bottom of the well and putt through the structure like some sort of amusement park.

Can we set up a wake board pull park in one of the frac ponds?

I’m just saying, let’s try to make these sites as fun and innovative as possible.  If they are going to be in our back yards, let’s at least have some fun with them.  Why go half way, when you can be really creative with these things?