Want to take the family out to see the tremendously popular Thomas the Tank Engine in Grapevine?  Bring your checkbook, wallet, money clip, and purse.  You are going to need all of them.

A family of four will spend $72 just for the tickets alone. 

We love train rides.  And we really look forward to the day we can take our son for a ride on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad, but we are going to start saving right now for that experience.  $18 per person seems like an awful lot for a 25 minute ride.

One thing we love about Grapevine is how family friendly it is.  In  this case, maybe it should be a little more pocketbook friendly.

We want to ask you what you think.  Is $18 a fair price for the ride on Thomas the Tank Engine?  If not, what would you recommend?  $9?  $12?

Please feel free to leave your opinion below in the comments section.