Cantina Laredo in Grapevine is a great stop for high quality Mexican food.  We stopped by there last night for dinner and enjoyed some of the best fajitas and margaritas around.
Here’s what we loved about Cantina Laredo:
– Friendly staff who met our every need
– Top notch Mexican food; everything seemed fresh and handmade
– Some of the best margaritas in the area
– Free queso
Here’s what we did not love:
– Might be a tad pricey for Mexican food
We really enjoyed our visit to Cantina Laredo.  When we sat down we were quickly greeted and immediately brought chips, salsa, AND QUESO.  This is a nice touch mostly because we love chips and queso and we can not think of another restaurant that does this.  This location of Cantina Laredo brings free queso to every table (according to our very informative server).
We ordered chicken fajitas and sour cream and chicken enchiladas for dinner.  Both were outstanding.  The items that really set these meals apart were the freshness of the tortillas and the great taste of the re-fried beans.  We never really planned on commenting on re-fried beans in any review, but these might have been the best we have ever had.
The cost is really the only drawback and it is not really that much of one.  Prices are fairly competitive, but if I do a quick comparison between Cantina Laredo and Esparza’s or Jucle Julio’s I find that the meals are a dollar or two more at Cantina Laredo.  It is not a huge deal, but we just want you to know what to expect.
All in all, everything was wonderful.  We will have to re-evaluate our Top 5 Mexican restaurants in the Grapevine area in 2010.  Cantina Laredo certainly deserves consideration.

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